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Property Management

A Single Source Solution For All Your Property Management Needs!

Vetter Property Management is a “1-Stop-Shop” designed to help manage and maintain your single and multi-unit rentals. We ensure that good, routine practices are put in place to maintain and enhance your property. See the full list of services we provide. Give us a call today! We will be happy to talk with you about all the services we offer that ease the burden of rental property ownership.

  • Financial Services
    We provide a full range of financial services related to property management. We handle payables, receivables, and monthly financial statements. We carefully review all financials before they are published to owners. Vetter can also assist with your Annual Budget Preparation.

  • Rent Collection
    Vetter provides an online rental payment system that gives tenants a convenient way to make their monthly payments. We adhere to all State of Ohio criteria and statues regarding collections for delinquint accounts.

  • Maintenance & Operations
    A Vetter employee will serve as an “on-staff” person to perform or supervise all common area maintenance. We purchase supplies and do the work needed: from light bulbs and locks to minor repairs. We also manage contracts for gas, electricity, phone, cable, refuse disposal, and even window cleaning.

  • Emergency Services
    We will provide a 24 hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week phone number for any emergency services. This number is available to all members of the association or board contact person, owners and tenants.

  • Landscaping & Pest Control
    At the association’s request, we will supply a proposal for contracted landscaping services and, if needed, pest control services. These services will be performed by contractors under Vetter’s supervision.

  • Buildings & Grounds
    From time to time, Vetter Property Management may prepare a project list for consideration and approval by the association or owner. We will oversee the projects and take responsibility for timely and satisfactory completion.

  • Construction Projects
    We can obtain bids for any size constrution or improvement project. In addition to our management services, we also operate Vetter Construction Company LLC – a general contractor in the State of Ohio.

  • Real Estate Transactions
    As the owner, you maintain complete authority to approve or deny transactions. We are happy to help coordinate and provide clerical services as needed for any specified real estate transaction.
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